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Question: What is the best idea?
A: Remove infantry upgrades - 0 (0%)
B: Add upgrades for other doctrines but increase the price - 1 (11.1%)
C: Zombies stay dead - 3 (33.3%)
D: Other idea (post below) - 0 (0%)
E: theyre fine as is - 5 (55.6%)
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Author Topic: American Zombies  (Read 270 times)
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« Reply #15 on: January 22, 2017, 11:57:51 am »

And yet u don't (really) see armor players taking medic tents... They don't have to imo. But it will become a total non-option.

I just made a test company with two Jumbos, one Calliope, one sniper, one M10, two Quads, four AT guns, three machineguns and two mortars. I used two RBs for fuel, two for munitions and one for manpower. I still have 130mp and 70fu left, and 1115 munitions.

The company also includes four engineer and twelve riflemen units.

Thatīs eighty four men (Iīll put it in numbers: 84 men) not including the support weapon crews or the sniper, so if Armour players donīt want to spare 45 munitions for more recrews... well... I guess thatīs a a choice. A bad one, imo.

Even if I switch things around, take less Jumbos and more Pershings or something like that, I would probably just end up with even more riflemen. Unless I do something like taking five fuel RBs, I wonīt see a noticeable decrease in Walking Wounded potential. My current PE company has 84 Pgrens and thatīs with two Panthers and two Hotchkisses plus medic halftrack and infantry halftracks, three RBs in fuel and two in munitions, and literally every squad with extra man and veteran sergeant so they cost 50mp more than riflemen. I still get one Walking Wounded a game at the very least, two sometimes, and thatīs with my Pgrens getting blasted into pieces, whereas riflemen are more likely to get wounded by small arms fire. And remember I am not even counting the American crew-served weapons as candidates for Walking Wounded, whereas my PE company has nothing that can get wounded other than those Pgrens. If I do count the American support weapons and the sniper, I get 112 potential Walking Wounded candidates.

And you think that even if you make med tents more expensive, this is a "total non-option"?
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