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April Goal: $81.40
Due Date: May 01
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Below Goal: $81.40
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Your donations go to keep us on the air - Each month we have the following costs:

*$77 to keep our dedicated server fat and happy
*$5 Surplus to build up for emergencies

Any donations we receive after this amount goes towards a "rainy day" fund that will be used to keep our servers going in the event of a slow donation month.

Donators get a new user group and the love of the Dev team Players who have donated $50 cumulatively can have a custom forum tag & custom TS Tag (speak to Draygon when you get to this point) Players who have donated $100 cumulatively can have a room named after them on the Ventrilo server (Talk to Draygon once you get there) Thanks again for donating!

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Many thanks to those who have donated this period.
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