videoimg Ragecast 2 The Storm that won the fight: More marder induced indecency along with a helpful lesson in Australian etiquette
videoimg Ragecast 1 Frantic Assault: Sdauz gets his knickers in a twist about marders in this 3v3 on City Outskirts.
videoimg In the Foxhole Episode 49 Good day viewers and welcome back to another silly edition of In the Foxhole! Today we bring you a frantic tripplecast on the fancy map of Formigny! It's a bloomtastic adventure as UKPowerMax and Stuart join me to cohost this episode! Join us we stalk the panther panzers, walk with the riflemen, and hide from artillery. Will the Axis heavy armor triumph or will it be washed away by the allies' persistent pushes? Tune in to find out!
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